Dear Girl Book

Dear Girl Book

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"Dear Girl,

"This book is for you. Wonderful, smart, beautiful you. If you ever need a reminder, just turn to any page in this book and know that you are special and you are loved."

Throughout every playfully illustrated page of this empowering book, young girls are presented with another piece of advice and another big boost of encouragement.

"Keep that arm raised! You have smart things to say!" ... "Look at yourself in the mirror. Say thank you to something that makes you YOU." ... "Don't ever lose your sense of wonder." ... "If your instinct is telling you to say, say no, you know?"

Discover a powerful new way to enrich your little girl's sense of self and invigorate her pride with the charming and inspiring Dear Girl book.

Dear Girl
  • A beautiful book designed to inspire and empower girls
  • Encourages self-esteem, confidence, pride
  • A celebration of wonderful, smart, beautiful you!
  • Written by mother and daughter Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Paris Rosenthal
  • Illustrated by Holly Hatam
  • Published by Harper
  • High quality hardcover binding
  • Printed in the U.S.A.